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Our instructors are all fully qualified and have an impressive pass rate with some as high as 87% . Since the National Average pass rate is 43- 45%, this means you could have double the chance of passing your test with us. All our cars are dual controlled.

These are just some of the driving instructors from the Ladydrive and His and Hers team. Call us on 0800 587 4432 to arrange a lesson.

We have more cars and instructors than we could show you here and cover a large area of the South East so get in touch - call us on 0800 85 41 55 - and we'll get you on the road in no time!

Elisa Bazin

Huge thanks to Elisa for getting me through my driving test! Had a fantastic time and could not recommend her enough, honest and understanding I could not have hoped for a better instructor!


Big thanks to Elisa Bazin for helping me pass my test. Highly recommend!

Zak Watson

I was, without a doubt a complete nervous wreck when I had my first lesson with Elisa. Having had a terrible experience previously with another instructor I hated driving and had no confidence. In the space of a few short months, Elisa helped me to pass confidently with just 4 minors! Thank you for making driving enjoyable and for being such a great teacher! Would recommend to anyone!

Chloe Rebecca Preece

Had Hannah and Elisa, only changed instructors because Elisa had maternity leave, both really good instructors that made me feel at ease the whole way through learning, would recommend to anyone!! Thank you so much for your help!!!

Mara Moore

Elisa is a brilliant instructor, whose lessons enabled me to pass first try, more quickly and with more confidence than I ever could have anticipated. CHRIS Robinson

As an anxiety sufferer I was really unsure how I would be as a driver but after driving with Elisa Basin she has made me feel calm and confident as a diver, and I would not have passed without her support. I could not re omens here more!

Rhiannon Russell

Thank You so much to elisa for getting me through my test and boosting my confidence in lessons, lucky to have her as a teacher formed a great relationship, THANKS AGAIN!

Dan Tanner

My experience with LadyDrive was definitely the most enjoyable and especially my instructor, Elisa, helped me overcome my roundabout fear but also pin-pointed my weaknesses to help me become more confident and a better judge of other drivers! Thank you and I would definitely recommend Elisa and LadyDrive!xx

Louise Meldrum

Hi, I'm Tobin. I just past my practical driving test. I think the lucky one, because I met a good instructor, Elisa. She can pointed out many errors in my driving and told me which was right. I think Elisa is a very good instructor. many thanks.

Tobin Xue from Brighton.

I would just like to give a shoutout to Elisa Bazin for getting me through my driving test. She is a great driving instructor, would recommend her to anyone. Got through my test within 4 months, passed second time, should've passed first The lessons were very informative and most importantly enjoyable. Thank you Elisa. Your the best,

Dora Palache

Thank you so much to Elisa from Ladydrive for being such a patient and encouraging teacher, and for building my confidence slowly but surely so that I finally passed my test ! I learnt so much from my lessons and would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Helen Greaves from Brighton

Thank you to Elisa from ladydrive for being a fantastic driving instructor. She gave me great confidence and was very patient with me. I would totally recommend ladydrive and his and hers driving school. Thank you again

Vikki Faires

Sharon Denny

I passed first time thanks to Sharon at Ladydrive. Really can't recommend enough - Sharon is a fantastic instructor, she ensures that you are fully prepared for any situation and the pacing/learning curve of lessons was absolutely spot-on. It's been really good fun and I will miss these lessons! Thank you again Sharon!

John Wheatley

I'm so happy to have passed! SHARON Denny is such a wonderful instructor and I couldn't have done it without her. I'm going to miss our lessons so much! Sharron is such a laugh, she is patient, kind and I'm really please to have met such a lovely women. Thank you for putting up with my frustrations and my moans. Thank you Ladydrive!

Sofia Falzon

Such a massive thank you to my instructor Sharon, who put up with my weird ways and helped me pass my test first time with one minor! I was very nervous about learning to drive but Sharon helped me so much. I really enjoyed our lessons and the laughs that were most definitely had, and I really can't thank Sharon enough for getting me through!

Maud Leese

Such a massive thank you to my instructor Sharon, who put up with my weird ways and helped me pass my test first time with one minor! I was very nervous about learning to drive but Sharon helped me so much. I really enjoyed our lessons and the laughs that were most definitely had, and I really can't thank Sharon enough for getting me through!

Maud Leese

Just want to say thanks to Sharon from Ladydrive for being a top driving instructor (and lady) and for helping me pass my test today at the first time.

Martin Knight from Brighton.

Just like to say a big thank you to Sharon who's been an amazing instructor and helped me pass today! Very clear and helpful and had a great time in all our lessons - would highly recommend Sharon and Ladydrive to everyone. X

Alice Hoad from Shoreham.

Thanks so much Sharon,would totally recommend you, wouldn't have done it without your fantastic teaching and support .

Alice Bennett from Southwick

Thank you so much to Sharon at lady drive for helping me pass my driving test! I couldn't be happier and she's been amazing, she has boosted my confidence and I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Abbie Louise Coober

Tracey Overington

Thank you Tracy Overington for helping me pass my driving test. You where a patient and friendly instructor and got me up to driving test standard quickly and without too much stress. I would definitely recommend you as a teacher to anyone else learning to drive!

Sam Abbot

Thank you so much to Tracey Overington in helping me pass my test first time. She was so supportive and understanding, and I feel like I not only passed but I can subsequently drive safely and confidently on the roads on my own. I definitely recommend Tracey and Ladydrive.

Louis Parker


Thank u so much Tracey Overington I passed today with only 3 minors . I have come so far since a year ago and it's all down to u. We have worked so hard and it's payed off. You have been amazing Thank u so much

Kylie Kinglsey

So pleased just passed my test first time with no minors, Cant thank Tracey Overington enough! Such a lovely teacher and a pleasure to learn with. Highly recommend her to everyone.

Maya Burton

Thank you so much Tracey Overington for helping me to pass my test. I am so pleased!!! Tracey is such a lovely instructor and gave me so much confidence. I really enjoyed my lessons and Tracey taught me really well. I would recommend Lady drive and Tracey to everyone.

Ellie Corrigan

Thank you so much to tracey overington for helping me pass my test first time with only 2 minors. Without her constant support and encouragement i wouldn't of been able to pass. She has been so patient with me and making me believe that i CAN do it. I can't thank her enough for teaching me for the last year and a half, i definitely recommend her. Tracey has been amazing. Thankyou xx

Eleanor Davey

I passed my driving test with Tracey Overington and would like to say a huge thank you for her calm approach, support and sense of humour. She immediately put me at ease when I first started and has turned me into a confident driver. I would recommend Tracy to any one - thank you so much!

Kathy Kerr

Can't thank Tracey Overington enough for all her patience, motivation and advice! Definitely recommend to everyone as she so brilliant! Couldn't ask for a better instructor!

Thank you Tracey! X Nadia Quachan

I woul like to say a big thanks to Tracey Overington who always make me feel so relax since I start learn to drive until to day I pass my test i can't get enough word to say today you did make my life a lot better then before you are amazing driving instructor.

Phum Niltong

I passed my driving test today and I couldn't have done it without Tracey Overington !!! Thank you so much for being so patient and assuring me that I actually can drive, you definitely helped me become more confident !! Thank you Tracey.

Emma Lamper

I cant thank tracy enough on helping me pass. Such a patient and caring women. Took me 3 times but that was down to me and my blonde moments! Thank you so much xxx.

Amanda Groves

I don't think I can quite believe it still! I'm so happy to have passed...first time as well! There's no doubt I wouldn't have done it without Tracey Overington! She has been the best instructor, so patient and encouraging, put me completely at ease from day one. Not to mention lots of laughs along the way! Tracey really does take time to explain things carefully and was able to understand my learning style and teach in a way that worked for me. I am so incredibly grateful to Tracey for all her support and belief in me too. Absolutely would whole heartedly recommend Tracey, she's brilliant! Thank you xx

Alison Rice.

Thank you so much Tracey for being such an amazing instructor, wouldnt have passed first time with only 3 minors if it wasnt for you!! Amazing Instructor, makes you feel at ease when learning with her. Would recommend tracey wo anyone who is looking to start driving lesson,she was the best xx

Aimee Kemish

Thank you so much to Tracey Overington for helping me pass my test with only a few minors!! Highly recommend to anyone to learn with Tracey, she's such good fun and makes driving so easy and take any nerves away from you! Muchly appreciated!

Brandon Fearn

I was taught by Tracey Overington and would highly recommend her, she is a great teacher. I passed first time and will miss my lessons a lot considering how much fun it was Thank you, Tracey! xx

Eleanor Starr

Just want to say a massive thank you to Tracey Overington for being such a fantastic (and patient) instructor giving me the confidence to pass my test first time!!!! Thanks

Joanne Lovelock-Dent.

Tracy who is my car instructor, she taught me really well and shes very patien. Thanks, because of you i passed the test in a short period of time x

Joey Choui from Brighton

Big thankyou to tracey overington, couldnt of passed without you. So patient and understanding, so glad i found you after bad experience beforehand. Your a star xx"

Chantelle West from Shoreham.

I want to massively thank you for how patient you were. We always had a good laugh and you got me through driving with flying colours! I am thrilled that I passed first time! But I'm also going to miss the lessons! You star!! Thank you.

Ron Braeman from Worthing

I passed my test last Tuesday the 24th March and I would like to say a massive thank you to Tracey Overington for helping me pass my test first time, Tracey is a lovely driving instructor she's ver patient and friendly, I would highly reccommend Tracey to anyone who wants to start driving (I wouldn't have been able to do it without her:)

Courtney Tilbury-Hall from Lancing

Thank you so much Tracey Overington for all your endless patience with a nervous student. You got me there though and I am over the moon to have passed my test!! Xxx

Ruth Burchfield from Worthing

Thank you soo soo much to my amazing driving instructor Tracy Overington for getting me passed first time! I couldn't of asked for a better instructor! Highly recommended.

Katie Carter

Couldn't recommend enough. I was put at ease from the very first lesson, bit by bit my confidence grew and with patience and hard work it resulted in a first pass for me. Tracy is friendly,calming,patient and great teacher credit to the company.

Sam Carter from Worthing



Today I passed my driving test, thanks to Peter, I started when i was pregnant and from the beginning he was very understanding of my situation, I had, had lessons in the past with a different instructor and driving school but I feel i learnt so much more this time and feel more confident in my driving because of Peter.

I would not have passed without Peter, he was an excellent teacher and you will not find a better instructor than him.

Kate Wicks

I just wanted to get in touch to say i recently passed my test with Peter and what a fantastic instructor he is and an asset to your company.

Kindest regards Ellie Beach

Can't thankyou enough Peter for getting me threw this... And 1st time! I'll forever have GAS GAS JUST GO PLEASE in my head LOL... #bestinstructor

Joleen Smart

I highly recommend PETER, he is a fantastic instructor who really explains things clearly and made sure I knew exactly what to expect for the test. He showed me all the potentially troublesome areas on the test routes so I knew exactly what to do on the day. Thanks Peter !

Albert Rach

I would like to say a huge thank you to my instructor, Peter Stanger. He was so supportive, professional and with humour and encouragement, helped me to pass first time, I really can't thank you enough Peter and will definitely be recommending you to others. Thanks again

Gemma Greene MacLeod

Thank u very much Peter. You are an AMAZING INSTRUCTOR.

Nythia Pagonda

After 50 years of driving some "refresher" lessons seemed like a good idea I now feel far better equipped to deal with today's driving conditions and have corrected some bad practices some of which i was completely unaware. My instructor was brilliant. Money well spent.

Gillian Day from Shoreham-by-Sea

Massive thanks to Peter Stanger, my driving instructor who helped a Doughnut like me to pass!!! Thanks again for being such a fantastic tutor, you are the real deal!

Well, its true, you are a genius to get me to pass, you are a master Jedi!

Dominic Harman

Thank you very much Peter for such a detailed lessons.

Varalakshmi Lingala

Today I took my test in Burgess Hill and passed first time and I, Ruqaya Robins would like to thank my driving instructor: Mr Peter Stanger, who is really an exceptional instructor. He worked so hard to ensure I passed and didn't let up till I near-perfected every skill and manoeuvre. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to him

Ruqaya Robins

I passed my driving test yesterday with the help of such a patient and experienced instructor, Peter Stanger. I would like to say a massive thank you to Peter for his help during this period of time as well as Ladydrive And His & Her driving school. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a skilled instructor.

Shuyu Chang

Thank you to Peter at Ladydrive. Passed 1st time, without any faults, what a fantastic instructor!

Dominic Negus

Hi, I’m Mike

Huzzuh! So chuffed. Big shout out to my instructor Mick Green for getting me there. A calming influence and all round nice chap.

Amy Leonard

I would like to thank Mike for helping me pass my driving test on my first attempt. After having a bad e Petrie CEO with my first teacher, Mike put me at ease and made sure that I was happy and confident with the way I was driving, and made me feel comfortable to ask any questions that would help me throughout. I can't thank you enough. Just purchased my first car and I'm happy to say that with Mike's help, I'm driving it with confidence. Cheers again

Katiee Griffifths

I'm not one for many words so yeah, that instructor Mick is a good one, I'd recommend him. Thanks

Mike Addison

After learning for 6 years and working my way through every teacher in and around the area I finally found Mike who amazingly had the skills and patience to help me pass my test. He has a very unique way of teaching, constantly made me feel at ease, always kept his cool no matter how much I messed up and would always explain things in an easy and clear way for my baby brain to understand. Thanks so much Mike you're a star would recommend highly to anyone.

Mollie Brooks

I would like to thank Mike for getting me through my test. I would highly recommend him to everyone thinking of learning to drive. He is very patient and a great teacher, thank you so much.

Carla Fyfe

After a very stressful start to my driving experience I found Mike from Ladydrive and His & Hers driving school.
He was kind, patient and understanding.

He never made me feel I was wasting his time even when it took me a bit longer to grasp something!! Mike has a great way of explaining to help you understand in order for you to cement those skills, thanks so much I couldn't have done it without you !

Leah Barker.

I w ould like to say a massive thank you to Mick Green for helping me pass my test, it took a few times but we got there in the end... I would definately recommed him to anyone who is learning to drive. Thank you Mick Green for all of your help.

Jade Sweet

Thanks Mick (Green) for getting me through in just under 20 hours! I believe this was only possible with the professionalism, but at the same time, informative lessons which took the tension out of preparing me for my test. Once again, well done Mick too, I will certainly recommend you to anyone.

Paul Milligan from Crawley
Many thanks to Mick Green for his brilliant teaching, great patience and just being a good person to have a chat with ! All of this despite having an appalling opinion of which football team to support ! In all seriousness, I thoroughly recommend going with Mick, a really great guy. All the best for the future.

Luke Conboy from Brighton

Thank you Mike, I couldn't have done it without you.

Debbie Cave from Burgess Hill

Big thank you to Mick for your excellent driving tuition! I will definitely be recommending you !

Vincent Ball from Crawley

Thanks to Mick Green for his patience and support! It was great having him as my instructor.

Ella Marie Villanuevo

Couldn't recommend you or my instructor Michael Green enough. I passed 3 weeks ago and finally received my licence today. Im over the moon.

Kerry Southon

Hi, I’m Richard,

Richard Jarvis is a great instructor, excellent quality instructor who yesterday ensured that my wife, Viktoriya Rowe, passed first time. I couldn't recommend him enough, his patience, understanding and commitment to his pupils is second to none. If you are a nervous pupil who needs someone to keep you calm and assured during your learning Richard is the instructor for you. Cheers Richard, happy wife and a satisfied husband, you're the best

Just wanted to say thanks so much to Richard for being an amazing driving instructor! I started off very nervous never thinking I would be able to drive and he built up my confidence every lesson and now I've passed! He's always made my lessons enjoyable and fun, would recommend Richard to anyone! Going to miss our lessons Thank you so much Richard!

Freya Claydon

Passed first time with no minors - nothing! clean sheet! And that is all thanks to richard jarvis and his teaching skills! Anyone wanting to learn automatic hes your guy and he is worth waiting for when he spaces to take on more pupils! im glad i did! i was adament to learn with lady drive and im glad i stuck to guns rather than just go with anyone! Thankyou for all the help and support and have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons


Just wanted to say what a amazing driving instructor Richard Jarvis is For his and hers driving School. I struggled with driving in the past. But Richard really put me at ease and focused during my lessons. I past my test first time with him yesterday ... I honestly don't think I would of been able to pass without him. I would recommend him too anyone !! Thank you so much Richard

Lauren Gould

A huge thank you to my instructor Richard for helping me pass my driving test first time. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Anitha Mangalath

Couldn't of asked for a better instructor if I tried patient and funny but yet professional can't thank you enough no amount of words will show you how great full I am xx

Julie Thorns from Worthing

Amazing teacher, would recommend to anyone!!! Thanks again for all your help and for putting up with me for all this time haha!

Courtney Herbert from Durrington

I highly recommend Richard Jarvis! He was very patient and reassuring ! We also had a good laugh on lessons which made learning easier for me !! Would defo recommend him ! Not only was he a good instructor but he has become a friend too ! Cheers Richard !

 Faye Harman 

I cannot explain nor use enough adjectives to thank Richard Jarvis for all the time and hard work put in to get me through all the lessons and my test. I passed first time today, I really could not have achieved that without his first class tuition and not only that I've gained a mate. THANKS A MILLION!! Without doubt I'll be recommending him and the school to anyone or anything that will listen! xx

Louise Millard

Carly Jarvis

Thank you so much Carly for all your support and giving me the confidence I needed.

Samantha Lamont

Carly was an absolutely amazing instructor! Always happy to do things at my pace and very lovely. Would really recommend her and the company.

Martha Caddick

Thank you so much Carly Edwards!! After having 4 different instructors in the last 4 years you've been the best driving instructor by far! So patient, caring and such a lovely lady! I'm really going to miss our lessons and our chit-chats! Good luck to you and Richard with the baby and your wedding!! xxx

Alice Pink

Sometimes the phrase "the greatest" gets used to often and to much but it doesn't go far enough to describe how great Carly is as a person, driving instructor, motivator and friend. I personally feel privileged to have had her teach me how to drive. Passing first time is something I never thought would be achievable but with many tears along the way and restless thoughts about how I was going to figure out reversing around a corner, Carly was always there to keep me calm and reassure me - whether it was sitting next to me, a text or phone call away, I always felt I could count on Carly. If I had to do it all again there is no one else I would rather have sitting in the passenger seat with me for the journey. If you want someone who is upbeat, passionate and the total professional then look no further then Carly. You made driving fun and exciting. I was always exited for our lessons together! Thank you so much for an amazing experience one il never forget!

Kelly Bates

Thank you to Carly, I passed my driving test today first time !!!Honestly can't recommend her enough. Carly made learning to drive fun and I looked forward to my lessons. She gave me confidence in my driving and helped me improve each time. I will miss our lessons as they was so good. I don't think you could find a better instructor, that will believe in you as much as she did in me.

Zoe Cook

Carly is one of the the most patient, kind and passionate people I've ever met and her teaching methods are fun and as easy as it can be! Without her I would've never passed my test first time so thank you!! I would recommend her to everyone I know without a doubt! If I could do the whole thing again, I would - my Wednesdays aren't going to be the same without her.

Zoe-Beth Hobbs

I passed my driving test today thanks to Carly, she is a brilliant teacher! Honestly can't recommend her enough. I had driven before with another instructor but my lessons with Carly were completely different, she made learning to drive fun and I looked forward to our lessons. She made sure we used the time in each lesson really well, always gave me confidence in my driving and helped me improve each time. There was a bit of a waiting list before I could start my lessons with her but there is a reason for that, the best teachers are in demand! I will miss our lessons and if you want to learn to drive I doubt you could find a better instructor.

Alex Peckham

I have been very lucky to have Carly as my instructor as she has been both supportive and patient in helping me learn to drive. She has greatly helped to build my confidence and to get me to test level where I went on to pass with flying colours. I am so grateful to her and would highly recommend Carly as one of the best instructors I found in the area with her excellent approach. Thanks Carly x

Louise Davies

Last week I passed my driving test first time the the amazing help of Carly Edwards. I could never of done it without her, she is so calm,and understanding. All in all the most loveliest and amazing driving instructor I have ever met. I am still in shock i was able to learn to drive because I thought I would really struggle with it, but being able to pass my test first time was a great great achievement for me , and if it wasn't for Carly I wouldn't have done it, I cannot recommend her enough, everyone i know that is looking to drive and wanting to learn, I will recommend her to them. She not only taught me to drive safely, she made the lessons very enjoyable! If i had to have a negative, it would be, I will mis our lessons very much! Thank you so much again for being amazing and helping me ! I couldn't have done it without you !!!

Just passed my test after learning with Carly for almost a year, best driving instructor ever!! would recommend her to everyone!

Daisy Louisa Seymour-Brady.

Thank you Carly Edwards for teaching Tom to drive & for making his lessons enjoyable. A great experience & a fantastic teacher.

Tanya Clout

Can't thank Carly Edwards enough for helping me pass first time with only a couple of minors!! She made each and every lesson enjoyable, along with learning something new every week and giving me so much confidence! Would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again for everything!!

Abbey Rippon

A massive thank you to Carly Edwards for helping me pass my test first time!! Recommend her highly, I really enjoyed our lessons and she helped make learning easy and gave me the confidence I needed. Carly was an amazing and supportive driving instructor and I definitely couldn't have done it without you! Can't thank you enough!!

Chloe Ralphs

I came to Ladydrive seriously lacking in confidence, but Carly was absolutely fantastic. She completely transformed my driving and in a little over a month I had passed my test.

I cannot stop smiling! (Will miss our lessons).

Elaine Thomas from Brighton

A massive shout out to Carly at lady drive! She was literally the best instructor I could have ever asked for she made learning easy and effortless it was the highlight of my week to have my lessons! Thank you so much for helping me pass first time with one minor, would have been impossible without you!xxx


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Carly.

She was such a great instructor who met all my needs and I managed to pass first time with her.

Thank you Carly. Paul Louca from Brighton

THANK YOU CARLY!!! Had such a good experience with Ladydrive. Carly was so helpful, patient and encouraging. She really helped me improve in areas I was not particularly comfortable with and emphasised my strong points. Definitely recommended! I past first time in a very short period and I will be referring you to my friends and siblings for sure thank you xxx

Elizabeth Odero from Lancing.

I first came to Ladydrive a month ago with little experience and my test at the end of the month. Luckily my instructor Carly was a lovely person and fantastic at her job and I passed first time. Cheers Carly.

Aimee Maud from Hove.

'Carly - thank you! I can't say how much it means to me that I passed my driving test first time, it's taken me a while to get there, but I finally did it, and I couldn't have done it without you! I have had driving lessons elsewhere, but I can honestly say I have never enjoyed my experience of learning to drive as much as I have with Ladydrive, the confidence you had in me was a great boost & we had plenty of laughs along the way!

Carly is a wonderful instructor, calm, patient, knowledgeable, I would (and will) highly recommend Carly and Ladydrive if you're looking for a driving school which puts its pupils first!

Rachael McMillan from Brighton.

Carly is a brilliant teacher, her friendly personality and patience always put me at ease. She always gave positive helpful feedback after each lesson which gave me confidence. I have already recommended her to my friends! Big thanks!

Rebecca Jenkins from Brighton.

I really can't thank Carly enough, she has been absolutely brilliant! Having failed my test previously with a different company I was really nervous about learning again, but with Carly's support and patience I got the confidence to try again and passed! Thank You Carly!

Hannah Martin from Shoreham.

I can't thank Carly enough for all my driving guidance! Having failed twice before my confidence was low, but she made me feel so relaxed and calm I felt confident on the day of my test that I could succeed and I did! She helped pick up on points that I needed to improve on whilst always congratulating me on what I did well on which always helps! A brilliant instructor, can't recommend her enough!

Elizabeth Douglas from Brighton

Carly was a fantastic driving instructor, she took me at the level I was at and made me feel at ease straight away. I felt very comfortable with such a nice person and my outlook on driving became extremely positive and I looked forward to my lessons. Always willing to go that extra mile Carly helped me to become a confident driver and I also gained a good friend too! Xx

Stephanie James from Lancing.

A huge thank you to Carly! I wouldn't of been able to do it without her help! It's taken me a while to get there but I finally passed with so much of her encouragement and motivation! She has always been patient with me and has given me confidence in driving! I couldn't of asked for a better instructor! I will miss our lessons with all the hilarious moments we had on the road! Thank you Carly!

Nishat Rahman from Hove

Definitely Highly Recommend His & Her Lady Drive Passed My test A Week today Sooo Happy!! I had Carly Edwards as My Instructor & she was Brilliant I had Another Instructor Before hand Who let me down Big time! & Lady Drive were the Only ones who got back to me Straight Away within the Same Day & Helped me Out so Much. Wish I had them Before Highly recommended Thank Youu ! xxx

Rosanna de Strete from Portslade.

I passed my test first time just last week. Feeling very proud but also incredibly thankful to Ladydrive and my fantastic instructor Carly! Such a lovely person and fabulous teacher, she made me feel at ease from the beginning and helped me understand everything I needed. I would recommend Ladydrive, and Carly especially, to anyone and everyone. I'll miss Carly now, it's strange driving without her beside me but a great feeling being able to do it all myself.

Rebecca Stead from Brighton.

Thank you so much to both Sharon and Carly for helping me pass my test first time. You were both amazing, made me feel so confident on the road and with my manoeuvres. I'd definitely recommend LadyDrive, they're fab!Thank you again!

Emily Methold from Shoreham.

Thank you so much Carly! I definitely couldn't have done it without you! You've helped me gain so much confidence on the road and it's weird to think that just a few months ago I was so scared of 5th! :S I'm definitely going to keep recommending you to my friends as you weren't just a great instructor but youbecame such a good friend as well! I'm really going to miss our Saturday lessons :( Thank you so much again Carly!!xxx"

Rosie Truman from West Chiltington

I cannot even begin to thank you enough, I couldn't have done any of it without you, not only did you help me pass but you've given me so much confidence on the road. You are the most patient/kindest/most loveliest person. I'm so glad I had you to teach me and I'll never forget out lessons.

Hugely recommend her such a legend!!! 10/10! Thank you so much! Xxxx

Imogen Smithson from Ashurst

I started at Ladydrive with a different instructor and when I started with Carly I had no confidence and was always worried about my lessons.Carly made me feel relaxed and made me enjoy all my lessons again. I couldn't of asked for abetter instructor. I passed my test 1st time with only one minor. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so muchxxx

Becky Strong from Portslade

Having failed three times with another driving school I approached Carly after having her highly recommended to me, in one week she helped me pass. I'm so grateful to have found her, she is a star, miles better than my previous instructor. THANKYOU CARLY, Wish I had had you from the start :) xx

Kirsty Bartlett from Hove

I learnt with Carly Edwards, she is an amazing teacher and I really mean that. She has the patience of a saint which makes a lot of difference. Her attitude towards teaching shows through her work which for me, made me enjoy learning more than what I thought I would. Passing was an amazing feeling and I couldn't of done that without her as my teacher. Not only do I highly recommend her I recommend Ladydrive as a company.

Alanah Hankey from Brighton

I had a previous instructor who taught me all the wrong things and then I went with Ladydrive and had Carly as an instructor who quickly got me out of all the bad habits the previous instructor taught me. I definitely recommend going with Carly as she was really helpful and the lessons were really fun! will miss them.

Lucia Tabone

A massive thank you to Carly who has taught me everything I need to know to help me pass first time and become a safe and confident driver. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor! Once again thank you xxx

Paige Francoul from Portslade.

Highly recommend Carly from LadyDrive! In a short time she transformed me into a safe, confident driver! Carly is so patient and reassuring, learnt something new every lesson and will miss them greatly.

Hannah Walsh from Worthing

A MASSIVE thank you to Carly for helping me to pass my test first time today!! :) she has been fantastic! Very helpful, very calm and reassuring and a really lovely lady! I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you very very much Carly.

Stephanie McCartney from Goring.

Over the moon! Thanks you Carly Edwards for being such a great teacher! Couldn't have done it without you, so thank you again haha!!

Josh Earl from Worthing

Thank you so much to CARLY from Ladydrive ! She gave me the confidence I needed, she was always patient and kind and helped me pass first time !  After changing instructors in the past I'm glad I found Ladydrive! I would highly recommend.

Tia Francies from Littlehampton

Thank you to Carly! I wouldn't have passed without you! Thank you so much! Would highly recommend you to anyone.

Becka Herbert

I couldn't have passed my test without Carly Edwards she is an amazing Instructor and I would reccommend her to everyone.

Gemma Mills

So glad I passed first time! Can't recommend Carly Edwards enough she was such a lovely instructor, will miss my lessons.

Niamh Lily Mackechnie-Jarvis Smith

Thank you so much to carly! Passed my test first time with only three minors! She's now teaching my younger sister who im sure with carlys help she'll pass first time too! xxx

Tori Mason

Tracy Smart

Thank you so much Tracy Smart for your work with our son Josh in achieving his prized pass yesterday. This was in no small part due to your dogged determination with him, always coming up with new ideas when he hit a brick wall (not literally!). We will both miss your cheery and positive comments.

To everyone, don’t hesitate to book Tracy Smart if you want someone friendly but highly professional who can think outside the box when you get stuck in a rut and provide you with solid tutoring until you succeed.

Caroline Blencowe

I had Tracy Smart who was and is an incredible driving teacher! I could never have picked a better teacher than her. Tracy was so calm, whilst I was having more off days than good, her patience with me should have won her a trophy. She was thorough, pushing me to be the best and safest driver I could be. I was always looking forward to the driving lessons as the lessons where never the same. What I found really helpful,that not all driving schools do, was when I was about to do a new maneuver or I did something wrong in the maneuver Tracy would show me what I needed to do using a little car on a diagram this helped me picture what I needed to do/ what I was doing wrong as well as how I could do it better next time. I would have never have passed first time without Tracy. I am so thankful to Tracy for teaching me a life long skill!

Anna Elizabeth Byrne

Thank you so much Tracy Smart! I really couldn't imagine learning with anybody else and passing first time!! She was so patient and persevered with me when I really thought I wasn't getting anywhere (and this lasted quite a while�) So thank you so much, I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Xx.

Ella Mclafferty

Thank you so much Tracey you are so amazing

Amba Greenwood

Thank you so much to Tracy Smart who helped me to pass my test first time with only 1 minor! I couldn’t have done it without her. She’s so kind and lovely and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. xxx

Cerys Lamper

I passed my driving test yesterday morning with only 4 minors, after learning to drive with a previous instructor and then switching to Lady Drive I can confidently say that Tracy Smart is a brilliant teacher! She has a very calm approach and I really enjoyed our lessons. Would recommend her to everyone!

Maisie Kennard

Massive thank you to Tracy Smart i wouldn't have been able to pass my test first time without her as my instructor! Id highly recommend her, she's great and so friendly! Niki Hodge Thank you so much Tracey has been amazing xx

Hi, I recently passed my driving test with Tracy Smart and just wanted to leave some feedback as I was so impressed with her and Ladydrive!

I started lessons very nervous about being on the roads but my instructor Tracy was very calming and reassuring and talked me through everything step by step which made me feel much more confident. Her instruction was very clear and she helped me to progress very quickly with my driving. I felt like she was always focused on getting the most out of every lesson and taught me as much as possible in our lessons and my parents also felt that we were getting excellent value for our money. With her amazing guidance and tuition I went on to pass my theory and practical test first time and I feel very confident in my driving ability after having such a great instructor! I would definitely recommend Tracy and Ladydrive to anyone wishing to learn to drive as they were excellent and I would like to say a huge thank you for all the help and support! :)

Megan Lamper

Thank you very much Tracy, I wouldn't of been able to do it without you, you gave me so much confidence in myself, we're all really grateful for how much time you spent with me. I definitely highly recommend her and Ladydrive And His & Hers Driving School. Thank you for everything xx.


Fantastic instructor with so much patience. Highly recommended. X

Abby Crosskey from Lancing

I was overjoyed to have passed on 30 July thanks to my lovely instructor Tracy. This was my second attempt, although the first with Tracy. My first test was over 15 years ago and was so
traumatic it has taken until now to give it another go. Tracy is a fantastic instructor, so patient, she helped me to regain my confidence, explained everthing clearly and made the whole experience oflearning drive really good fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn.

Laura Foster from Shoreham.

I just want to say a massive huge thank you to Tracey for helping me regain my confidence after a bad driving experience. She's such a great teacher, always patient, friendly and encouraging! She always put me at ease helping me improve on my weak areas as well as focusing on my strong points. I couldn't have done it without her and would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Hannah Nardella from Hove.

I passed my test first time with Tracy Smart from Ladydrive and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor ! She was patient, understanding and very clear in her instruction. I enjoyed my lessons with her and will miss seeing her every week !

Rhiannon Potter from Lancing

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Tracey Smart who, through her support, encouragement and patience helped me gain confidence in driving.

"The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people "

Stas Tambur from Worthing

I just wanted to write a few words about learning to drive with Tracy Smart through ladydrive. I had lessons with Tracy for around a year before passing in August, and she was extremely patient, calming and helpful when I got frustrated with myself if I was struggling with something, or getting stressed out by other drivers on the road. Tracy always made sure I understood why I was doing something, and explained things over and over again when I needed it! Tracy was very patient with me when I would get overwhelmed and I had a great driving experience with her.

Suzy Brown

I would like to say a massive thsnk you tO Tracy Smart for being a great instructor. You really did a great job in getting me to pass first time. One in a million.

Emma Anderson

Hi my name's Rattans Jones. I have just passed my test with Tracy Smart from Ladydrive. I am from Thailand but she understood me because my English not perfect. But she was very patient with me and she made me very confident and relaxed. We also had a good laugh on lessons and became a good friend. Would highly recommend Tracy Smart to my friends and people who need driving lessons. Thanks again Tracy Smart to change and make my life better.

Rattans Jones

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Tracy Smart for all her support, teaching, her patience and kindness without her I would never of passed my driving test first time I will miss our lessons thank you so so much .

Claire Hart

'Thank you so much to Tracy Smart who is the most supportive, encouraging and patient teacher. She gave me the courage to learn to drive and the confidence booster to keep going. Lessons with Tracy were always enjoyable. A lovely lady, with a great sense of humour - I’m so grateful to her for all her support in helping me pass my driving test. I will miss our weekly catch-up!'

Kathryn Drury, Hove

Amelia Levitt

A massive thank you to Amelia!! I would not have been able to do this with out her she is just incredible!! An amazing teacher and would recommend her to anyone!! Thank you xxx

Hannah Boyling

Thank you so much Amelia! I couldn’t imagine learning to drive with anybody else, she was so kind and patient and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself! I would recommend her to anybody.

Olivia Lake

I cannot thank Amelia enough! She is an incredible teacher with the patience of a saint. She has a really relaxed, honest and positive teaching style that really worked amazingly for me. She was really flexible with my days and hours and managed to get me passed first time, with two minors in a matter of months! I really looked forward to my lessons and miss them now. She is utterly fantastic and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for relaxed, fun lessons - I had tried a few other instructors but found them to be monotone, moody and really quite dull, with Amelia it was always smiles, giggles and a lot of fun learning to drive safely. - Amelia I cannot thank you enough.

Kellie Newman

Amelia has been the most amazing driving instructor. She was so supportive and really made me feel comfortable and happy to be coming to lessons. I passed first time for my theory and my practical tests, after I started learning in January and had passed by the end of April, this is all down to Amelia’s fantastic teaching and how she also incorporated theory into our practical lessons simply by helping me to learn the rules of the road. Not only were the lessons professional, organised and each one massively useful and progressed me further and further, but I also enjoyed them hugely and Amelia is such a wonderful person to have teaching you. She is so supportive and she makes the lessons so enjoyable and I looked forward to each one. I would highly recommend Amelia to anyone looking for an instructor!

Lucy Ward


I passed my test first time on Thursday and it was all thanks to Amelia, we clicked straight away and she made me feel at ease, she made every lesson fun and helped me push though my anxiety, she never gave up on me even when I was ready to give up on myself, iv never met such an amazing person like her, she is the best at her job and I highly recommend Amelia as an driving instructor.

Thank you so much Amelia I would never of do it without you xxx

Sereina Murray

I passed first time with Amelia. I hear a lot on this site about how amazing people’s instructors were, but Amelia really is amazing, I have had 3 instructors and my confidence in driving was as low as it was possible to be. I went from learning to drive for 2 years and getting practically nowhere, to having two weeks with Amelia and being able to drive well. Amelia was hilarious and constantly made me feel at ease. Every week it was like driving with a friend not an instructor and sometimes I had to remind myself of that. Within one month we had booked my test and as you can see I passed first time, something I would have laughed at if you told me I would do this time last year.. Thank you so so so much Amelia, I would have completely given up driving if it wasn’t for you and I genuinely miss my lessons. If you get Amelia as your driving instructor, you are so lucky and have fun passing first time!

Izzy Woodman

Amelia is one of the most kind, patient, understanding, motivating and just all round amazing person I have ever met. When I first started to drive, I felt very anxious even before I had met Amelia face to face - the thought of driving petrified me - but as soon as I met Amelia I felt at ease. She not only taught me to drive, but she taught me to enjoy driving and I don't think that anybody else could have done that. She made me feel safe, she made me feel comfortable and always felt that I could rely on her. Amelia taught me to drive through memorable anecdotes and phrases. She adapted what she was teaching me to best fit my ability, never pushing me or punishing me for my mistakes. She was unbelievably patient in circumstances where I had a mental block, helping me through the process step by step. She always checked if I was feeling comfortable in the situation I was in and I could fully depend on her when I needed to. She has not only taught me practical skills in the car, but she has done what I thought was impossible - taught me to believe in myself and my driving abilities. As Amelia said to me on countless occasions "you can do it", and today is proof that I can, as I passed my test (something I am still adjusting to saying).But to sum up how grateful I am will be impossible, as I don't think that I even have the right words to express it. I have not only discovered one of the best driving instructors ever, but I truly think that I have found a friend in Amelia, someone I can trust at my time of need, and I have and will continue to recommend her to all my friends and family.

Kate Drain

So, first of all, I have never met such a funny, motivating individual such as Amelia. She is real with you when driving and makes sure that you are safe at all times. She tells you anecdotes which make you remember different areas of your driving which I will never forget. Amelia is heartwarming, comforting and understanding of all people. She will never punish you for minor mistakes but does make sure to iron them out before test date. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have passed with such a smile on my face. She became a vital part of my week and I hate to think of a week where I don't have a lesson. I will miss her as my right hand man and instructor but mainly as my driving buddy.

THANKYOU SO MUCH MEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle Rooney

Amelia was a fantastic instructor I would highly recommend her. She teaches everything very clearly, really encourages you and gives you the confidence to be a good safe driver. Her friendly approach made the lessons enjoyable and stress free. Thanks to her patience and expertise I passed first time.

Thanks so much Amelia!

Leanne Mulligan

Amelia is a fantastic instructor. I really enjoyed my lessons and she helped me to get over so many hurdles, to finally pass my test. I highly recommend her.

Julia Fewster

This week I passed my driving test, first time with 0 minors and I have my instructor Amelia to thank for that. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to my friends, family and anyone else I come across looking to learn. Amelia is an all-round amazing person and I think that is what makes her the fabulous teacher she is. She is patient, kind, trustworthy and supportive and so much more, but she is definitely the perfect driving instructor!

I am confident to say that I was smiling and laughing every lesson I had with her and she was always accommodating with any requests I may have had, be it going round and round the same circuit of roundabouts because I hate them (so much) or changing dates and timings because something out of my control came up - nothing was ever too much hassle.

Thank you again Amelia, you really are fab!

Ellie Holden

Thank you so much to Amelia from Lady Drive. She is an incredible instructor who managed to get me to pass my test first time. She encouraged me constantly, helping me build my confidence as an independent driver and our lessons together were always a good laugh. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you, 

Becca from Shoreham x

A massive THANK YOU to my driving instructor Amelia, who is an amazing and patient teacher and helped me to pass my test 1st time!!! I would have not been able to that without all your help and support! I loved our lessons and can't imagine I could get better instructor than you ! Thank you so much!!

Karolina Walega

A massive thank you to amelia for getting me through my test... would 110% recommend.

Sam Jenkinson

Thank you so much to Amelia Levitt from lady drive who helped me pass my driving test, I have had 3 previous driving instructors but I could never really get into driving, but Amelia made lessons a lot less boring and helped me get my confidence while driving. So thank you very much I would recommend her to anyone!

Anna Roberts from Southwick

I want to say a huge, personal thank you to my driving instructor Amelia.

From my very first lesson I knew Amelia had patience, compassion and dedication needed to get me driving. I was very nervous to begin with, being 26 and having no prior experience. Amelia put me at ease right away with her friendly personal, and professional demeanour. Despite the fact I lived in Hove but worked in Lancing, Amelia took me on. She worked around my schedule, taking all the stress out of fitting driving around my work, and allowing me the practice of driving the route to and from my work. My progress since November was steady but rocky. I lost faith in my driving ability countless times. I was not a "natural driver" in many respects but Amelia always put me on the right track (excuse the pun) with a thorough debrief of what happened, giving me the opportunity to correct myself and restore my confidence. When I found an aspect of driving difficult, Amelia never shouted, got cross, or was impatient. She would calmly find another way of explaining the issue, even when my "witch feet" caused me to struggle with close clutch control, she found a way around the problem!

Moreover, Amelia is the epitome of an "extra-mile" driving instructor (again excuse the pun). She didn't just teach me to pass my test, I feel that I am able to cope with a number of dangerous situations because Amelia ensured I would leave her feeling able to navigate any situation.

She would also extend lessons if I requested, and close to my test juggle her schedule to ensure i had enough practice. She has listened to countless work related rants, (and given sound advice if you're after a sympathetic ear). Got me through all the "I can't do it's"and was so calming and wonderful this morning to ensure that I went in to the test "in the zone". She even bought me a coffee and cake after to say well-done! I think she was more outwardly excited than me! I am going to miss the countless laughs we had whilst on the road, the life updates and learning something new. It's hard to imagine not having Amelia on my left-hand side guiding me through the lesson, or indulging me in a post-Brexit political discussion. Not only were we driving, we put the world to rights!

I cant say thank-you enough to Amelia, on a personal level and for getting me through my test FIRST time! I can't recommend her enough, and I will miss her and my lessons; even the cold, rainy January lessons, or when the heavens opened and we essentially "floated " around Worthing - a crash course in hazardous weather conditions if ever I saw one ! I could go on, and on. But thank -you Amelia, I owe you for all the chocolate bars and for being my rock!

Emily Thomas

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my driving experience. I passed my test last Thursday in Worthing after learning to drive with Amelia.

I have had a previous instructor and always felt anxious about driving however, Amelia taught me so much and has made me such a confident driver.

Amelia is laid back yet professional, I honestly don't think I would have got through my test without her. During my time learning I had some personal family issues that meant I had to take a month off my lessons. Amelia was so accommodating and supported me and still got me through my lessons and my test!

I can't express my gratitude enough, she really is the best driving instructor, I will recommend her to everyone.

Thank you, Jasmin

My name is Kirstie Theobald I have just passed my test with Amelia, she is the best driving instructor anyone could have.

Thank you so much to Amelia Levitt for teaching me to drive she was amazing from start to finish, she was so patient and kind and did all she could to help me and without her help I wouldn't of passed. She became a really a good friend and i'm so grateful for everything she did and I will miss our lessons.

Emma Marchant

I really loved my lessons with Amelia. She was such a good teacher and our lessons were always so much fun. She helped me pass in under 6 months and I'd strongly recommend her to anyone who is keen to start driving. She built up my confidence and made the whole experience enjoyable. Thanks Amelia

Noosha Thompson. Brighton

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Amelia Levitt, who through her support, encouragement and patience helped me to pass my driving test in January 2016, and last week also helped me to finish the Pass Plus lessons.

She is simply the best, amazing teacher, would recommend to anyone!!! And..I will miss her so much, she will always have a place in my heart. Thank you Amelia! xxx.

Zhanna Shevchuk

Alexander Purssell

So I passed my test first time yesterday with Alex purrsell and I have to say he was a very good driving instructor, made me feel comfortable right from the beginning and enjoyed every lesson I had with him, I can't recommend him enough!

Luke Sommerford

Would like to thank Alex for helping me pass my test 1st time today brilliant instructor highly recommended!!

Danny Cooper

I would like to say a massive thank you to alex purssell for helping me pass my test first time! He is a brilliant teacher who is patient and installs a great deal of confidence in you. Not forgetting he is great to chat to and you will have many laughs along the way. Thanks again Alex!


Hannah Scarrett

Can't recommend Hannah enough! She was patient, clear and easy going and every lesson with her was a pleasure. Thanks Hannah!

Ella Cowgill

I would like to thank Hannah Scarrett who has guided me to pass my driving test first time this morning. She had always had confidence in me right from the beginning and her lessons are always very relaxed. Thank you so much & I cannot recommend her enough.

Patronella Chieng

Well I’m going to start by saying a massive thankyou to Hannah for helping me pass my test FIRST TIME:) I highly recommend this driving school and here’s why. I had so much fun learning to drive with Hannah she helped massively always calm and smiling no but less of the cheesy use these driving schools.

Tom Piner

I can’t thank Hannah enough for getting me passed, always felt at ease and comftable with her! Thank you SO much! Highly recommend!

Jemma Harber

I am now a qualified driver and i can not recommend Hannah enough, from start to finish Hannah was so supportive, kind & patient and nothing was ever to much trouble when having to work around family and my working hours...Hannah is just a all round amazing instructor! I can honestly say she helped me rebuild alot of self confidence and always believing in me even when my nerves and self doubt kicked in and for that i will always be greatful... anyone who gets Hannah as an instructor is incredibly lucky!

Stacy Newland

Had Hannah and Elisa, only changed instructors because Elisa had maternity leave, both really good instructors that made me feel at ease the whole way through learning, would recommend to anyone!! Thank you so much for your help!!!

Mara Moore

I passed today with only 2 minors ! Massive thank you to Hannah at Ladydrive for making my driving experience a lot less stressful and more enjoyable than i thought it would be Thouroughly enjoyed every lesson !

Aaron Weeding

Sorry Hannah it's taken me a while but just want to thank you again for helping me to pass my test first time!
You're a fantastic driving instructor! Very patient and knowledgeable! I had a great experience learning to drive with you and am very thankful - definitely a 5 from me !

Emily Sarah

I couldnt have asked for a nicer instructor that helped me so much, Would recommend Ladydrive to everyone i know. Ask for Hannah !!

Josh Spicer

Kevin Macey

Kevin is a really patient and experienced driving instructor. I’m so glad I had him as my instructor to help me gain lots of confidence. I definitely have no idea how I’d have managed to pass without him! A massive thank you for his continual help.

Wing Li x

I can't thank Kevin enough for helping me pass my driving test today with only 3 minors. If your looking for a driving instructor who is patient and will also help you build your confidence on the road then Kevin is really the person to go to. After failing my test 3 times before today I thought I could never do it but I was wrong. So thank you so much Kevin. Thank you

Sophie Tibbs

I cannot thank Kev enough! I was such a nervous driver, and Kev was relaxed, confident and positive the whole time. He was really flexible with dates and times and I passed within months because of him. I had so much fun on each of my lessons and felt like he really believed in me! Kev thank you sooo much.

Kayla Mughal

Kev is the most amazing instructor I could have asked for! When I started with him I was so nervous and driving terrified me. Slowly but surely Kev helped me build my confidence and I actually started looking forward to my weekly lessons.
Kev focused not just on getting me through my test but actually being a safe and competent driver. He is a lovely person and really cares about his students. I have loved our lessons and will miss our weekly chats! Thank you again X

Lucy Peacock

Massive thank you to Kevin Macey for helping me through both my driving test as well as my first year at university. I honestly don't think I would have made it through either without the weekly conversations that just cracks me up every time without fail!!! Would recommend to anyone!! probably the most interesting driving instructor out there

Zi Chen

I passed my driving test today, first time with one minor thanks to Kev! I couldn't of asked for a better instructor! I improved every lesson and he built up my confidence on the road! I am very grateful for all the work he put in to make me a safe driver! Thank you!

Emily Erskine

Passed my first driving test yesterday! Kev is a great instructor who understands how people learn and teaches you accordingly. He has been very patient with me and professional. Really pleased with my test and lessons. I would highly recommend Kev to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Many Thanks!

Matt James

I passed my practical driving test today and just want to say a massive thank you to Kev, my amazing instructor! I started driving again back in November after 23 years of not driving. I contacted His & Hers and was paired up with Kev. Kev is an excellent teacher, we quickly built up a really good relationship and Kev adapted to my learning style so I got the best out of every lesson. Kev is a really patient, understanding and supportive tutor and I left every lesson looking forward to the next. Kev gave me the confidence in myself that I could do it, and I blummin' did!!! I cannot rate him highly enough, if you are looking for a driving school and teacher I would recommend Kev in a heartbeat. Kev, thank you for getting me through this, it wasn't too painful and we had such a giggle along the way. I will miss our Tuesday mornings together! Thank you His & Hers! Thank you Kev! Xx.

Stacey Ward

Glen Garner

Cannot recommend my instructor Glen enough. I recently passed my test first time and I couldn’t have done it without his patience and constant encouragement. I was very nervous when I first started having lessons with Glen, but he instantly put me at ease with his friendly and calm nature and I was driving confidently in no time. He was very organised with our lesson topics and explained everything clearly. He went above and beyond to make sure I got a lesson every week at a time that worked for me and was always on time. I’m actually missing my lessons already! Thank you Glen!


I needed last minute driving lessons and lady drive responded extremely quickly and professionally! I had Glenn who has not only been excellent but a delight. He ironed out my weak points quickly (I hated roundabouts and after one two hour block I had conquered them!) and made me feel incredibly relaxed. He was encouraging, funny and very responsive over texts in booking the test. Couldn’t recommend more and seeing he is booked up a lot is good sign because he knows what he’s doing! Thanks lady drive and to Glenn I’m chuffed!

Robert Scahill

I cannot recommend this company enough!! I’ve been with them for a few months now and I can say that I’ve loved every second of learning! Glen, my instructor was amazing, he was so easy to get along with and explained everything so well!! After 2 attempts I’ve finally passed and that’s all thanks to Glen. He put up with me moaning and groaning and believed in me when I doubted myself and for that I thank him!! Anyone who gets Glen is a lucky student!! He really believes in them all! Thank you so much!!

Billie Ann Porter

A Massive thank you to Glen for helping me pass my test first time with 0 minors. I was really nervous about learning to drive and am glad I found an instructor who gave me the confidence that I could actually do it! Would highly recommend him.

Ellie Blackmore

Passed first time with Glen at LadyDrive, would highly recommend as he was patient with me and made the experience enjoyable more than stressful.

Bronte Ansell

Thank you to Glen for helping me pass my driving test!! He’s an amazing instructor and teaches with patience and skill! Absolutely accommodating towards my work schedule and always on time. I had prior driving experience in USA, thus learning here was a challenge, but Glen made it possible with his detailed explanations and ofcourse immense patience haha! I couldn’t have done it without your help and constant determination! I’d highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive a beginner or refresher course.. He truly cares for all his students and wishes well always! Thanks once again for your help!

Khushnaaz Irani